eZee Burrp POS Software; The Best Solution for Restaurant Costing and Inventory Management

Running a restaurant operation efficiently is a challenging endeavor, running a chain of restaurants is a different ball game altogether in terms of complexity due to the multi-faceted nature of restaurants operations.  For restaurant operations to run smoothly and lead to a profit there has to be reduced wastage and efficiency on all levels. In addition, administrative software capable of costing and inventory is needed to complement the front end of customer service and the dining experience.

eZee Burrp point of sale is the best software for this challenge making operations easier for all types of restaurants including fine dining, Bistro, fast food chains cafes and bars. It is an end to end desktop based restaurant management software designed and equipped with tools that enable speed of service and enhances efficiency in operations.

Due to its flexible architecture, it also empowers the staff to complete their tasks efficiently in keeping with the operational style and business of a given restaurant.

What makes eZee Burrp the ultimate point of sale software for restaurants?

1. Everything at your finger tips

All operation modes are accessible from the main dashboard and make for easy switching from one order type to another. This reduces errors and boosts speed of service. With Dine in, Delivery and Takeaway options at your disposal, it makes it easier for the staff to track orders and simplifies the billing process.

An amazing feature is the kitchen display unit (KDS) that allows orders to be immediately displayed in the kitchen for execution resulting in quicker and better service.


  • Dine in, Delivery, Take Away
  • Kitchen display system
  • Kiosk mode
  • Room service

2. Flexible and Precise billing Operations

Restaurant management 101, guest service does not end with order serving and this is understood by all involved in restaurant management. The final and most defining process in a food and beverage establishment is the billing process.  A smooth and fluid billing process crowns all else if executed flawlessly contributing to the overall dining experiences of a diner.

eZee Burrp POS manages the entire billing process including adding and removing items, splitting bills, highlighting the preferred mode of payment and much more.


  • Add/ void items
  • Split Bills
  • Payment preferences.

3. Inventory and stock management

Stock management can be a harrowing and convoluted affair if a restaurant is not equipped with the right tools. Any error on this front will lead to confusion in all departments. eZee Burrp contains a sophisticated inventory and stock management module which efficiently allows you to manage stock, decrease wastage and track items. Informed cost cutting decisions can be made as a result of advanced tracking and reports keeping you updated on real time inventory levels.


  • Real time inventory levels
  • Set stock levels
  • Initiate transfer of items
  • Inventory and stock rates


eZee Burrp is a remarkable software for restaurant inventory, costing and other vital restaurant operations including administration for a standalone restaurant or a chain of restaurants.

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