Cloud Based eCommerce Inventory Management Software that Will Make a Difference in Your Business

Online businesses need inventory management software that is sophisticated but not too complicated that employees cannot understand how it works. This is because a good cloud based ecommerce inventory management will offer the following benefits to an online business

  • Star easy; cloud hosting so no administrator required, no installing, any browser, no upfront cost, compatible with PC or Mac
  • Peace of mind; see all transactions accounted for by glancing at your online inventory
  • Save time; executes sales orders fast with order management, barcode and shipping software
  • Guarantee consistency; employees at multiple locations see the same thing
  • Eliminate over selling; pushes stock levels to your online market places
  • Run smoothly; keeps tabs on your business with powerful reports
  • Reduce human error; clear and precise organization with optional bar coding means fewer errors
  • Work remotely from anywhere; makes changes on site, access online inventory with mobile inventory software

Most sophisticated cloud based ecommerce inventory management software will offer some if not all of the above mentioned benefits.

Finale Inventory ecommerce inventory management software

This software is considered to be one of the best. As a cloud based inventory management system that is easy to understand, affordable and adaptable to the needs of a business, Finale is designed to support a wide range of inventory management applications for warehouses and multi-channel ecommerce inventory customers. It can be accessed from anywhere, as such all employees in different location have a consistent view of records.

The software, being a cloud based high volume multi-channel ecommerce solution, erases the complexity of selling on multiple online market places by managing incoming and outgoing orders in one place.

Purchasing, inventory, control, shipping and order fulfillment

This software enables a business to simplify all aspects of its ecommerce operation resulting in

  • Saving money and time
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced accuracy and reporting

Finales’s cloud based inventory management system software is directly integrated with ship station and shipping easy. It also consolidates orders from multiple selling channels like amazon, ebay, Magento, bigcommerce, woostation and shopify to keep track of your inventory stock levels and then update your marketplaces to prevent overselling.

If you are a high volume seller, you can take full advantage of the integrated mobile barcode solution and implement one of the batch processes – wave and pick or pick and pack – to improve ware house activity and accuracy.


Although there are several good ecommerce cloud based inventory management software out there, Finale is considered one of the best because it truly simplifies the complex.

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